Most of the time, the term MILF is not properly used. We use it now to describe any porn star who is over 40 years old, regardless if she has children or not. MILF means “Mother I’d like to Fuck” and that implies that the model should have something that reminds you of a maternal figure. Ava Devine is just that. Now in her early 40s, Ava is a busty and juicy MILF that’s perfect for the role of a step mom or of a friend’s touchy mother.

Ava Devine is also helped by her ethnic blend that makes her exotic and unique. She is half Chinese and half Italian. Now that’s a combination you don’t see every day, and it’s a perfect one. She has big boobs, long meaty legs, big ass, a large Italian smile and Asian eyes that make her look both naughty and cute in the same time. She is vibrant, with a young attitude, and she’s quite hip with her bangs and always sporty outfit. She’s like the cool soccer mom of your friend who used to wear almost inappropriate shorts and tank tops every time you visited her house.

Still Rocking!

Ava wasn’t always a porn star. At first she was a well-known strippers and she did that from a very young age. It was only in her late 20s when she started to think about a porn career. She got featured in more and more porn productions, but she kept stripping. She reached a point in which she didn’t even know if she was a stripper or a porn star. What was sure is that both her fan groups loved her, so she didn’t stop. But in the last years, her porn career starts to take off again, while her stripping career slows down. Although that’s because she gets older, it makes me happy to see her in more MILF porn movies.

The secret of a great MILF is a fit body, and years of dancing payed off in this matter for Ava Devine.Ava Devine She was a very active girl and she’s not thinking about giving up on porn. So far, she was featured in over 400 productions. Amongst these films you can find some truly kinky scenes, such as 12 on One 1, 2 Scoops Double Dipped, 6 Black Sticks 1 White Trick, ATM Queen and Cum Snorting Fiesta. I guess is easy to figure out from the names of these scenes that Ava did just about all the dirty things in front of the camera. Interracial gang bangs, bukkake, cum snorting, nothing was off the table for this horny Asian. And that is why you should watch all of her videos!

You Have A Chance!

Absolutely all porn stars have fans who dream daily about how awesome sex with their favorite babe would be. Imagine that in the case of Ava, that dream can come true. You will need a big budget and some logistics, but it’s totally doable. Ava Devine was and still is an escort. She was so deep in this business that she often paired up with Sara Jay for some clients. She is top class, one of the best you could get, but you can only get it in Las Vegas or somewhere else around Nevada. I’m sure that if you’d fly her anywhere in the world with a private jet, she would accept. Joking aside, the chance is real, so think about it!

Little is known about his pre-porn life, and in fact it is a subject that often shuns in interviews, but fame as a fellactriz has earned it.

To begin with, he entered the business with 29 years and a forties appearance, which meant adding his energies to the then-born niche of the MILF in which Ava fit like a glove next to the famous Rayveness , Francesca Le , Tiffany Mynxand other adorable forties. His Italian, Hispanic and Chinese ancestry also served to make his slanted eyes give a distinctive touch of each to those fans of a market as stunted as that of mature Asians.

Ava’s Boobs

If we add to this some huge breasts (38F that had to be reduced to 38DD due to a rejection of the implants) since this New Yorker epitomizes the nymphomaniac paradigm more output than the tip of an iron and willing to fuck everything move (his curriculum is very extreme and includes savages such as bukkakes, double interracial penetrations and even a bizarre gang bang in which he passed through the stone to three transsexuals without operating), one perfectly understands why the friend Ava has practically a decade among the 20 most popular pornstars.

Some things you can never unsee. Some things you never want to forget. Spend a few moments scrolling around some of Ava Devine’s videos and your brain will be permanently burned with the hottest and most depraved fuck-a-thons imaginable. She is the absolute dominating number one Queen of Freak, and she’s got the body to handle it. Sporting booming 36 Double Ds that can invade your dreams, it’s a good thing she has that swelling booty to keep her standing upright. Ava doesn’t even always need a partner to still have explosive orgasms. This babe has redefined the solo program by gladly fitting anything up in her MILFy pussy and slutty back hole.

Ava’s Specialties

One of her solo specialties is fitting her entire fist up her own ass… a move we like to simply call ‘Devining.’ But wait until you see her partnered up. Ava is at her best when she’s the strong sexually-demanding MILF taking a shy young cock and schooling him in pussy power. She’s so orally talented, she can suck a guy off in negative time. You’d need a time machine to go back and cum before she’s even tongued the tip. Young girls beware, especially if they’ve never licked a pussy before, because Ava will make them learn how to please. If you still need convincing, just look at her name. She is both Divine and deviant, heavenly and sinful. So let’s give a big two thumbs up, right up the butt, for a hardworking superstar who redefines the MILF genre.

Anyone using this website to search for this babe will see just how promiscuous this sexy Asian pornstar can get on a porn set, and if the numbers from her porno video searches are correct there are many users who love looking for her. She is none other than the Sultry and seductive Ava Devine. This sizzling American erotic movie actress is simply divine and she is a sexy Asian honey who is a Long Island New York native. Ava is also a mature Asian pornstar who was born January 22nd, in 1974 in the Empire State.

One of the best pornstar

Fellow porn starlet Hannah Harper has called her the “”lady of the lake”” of porn, because she felt when she was fucking her that she embodied the archetype of the promiscuous woman who is willing to have sex with anyone at any time. Although born a brunette she has had many different changes of her look since she began shooting X-rated scenes. When searching for this divine diva’s movies also check out for her aliases under the names of Karen Little and Ava Adore, basically the same babe but just a lot naughtier.

When it comes to recognizable body art and tattoos, she has one tattoo on her lower back and her nipples and both her ears pierced. In 2005, this awesome oriental chick had what she called on her website and in interviews her “”malpractice surgery”” .

This would essentially translate to a bad boob job which put a momentary time-out on her XXX movie career. The following October due to her botched surgery, she went for a breast reduction and had a lift. This surgery reduced her rack size from and F cup to a well-proportioned and perfect 36DD. This bodacious Oriental babe resumed shooting porn scenes in January 2006 and continued making plenty more.

There are so many to choose from here and that are worth detouring for, what to choose well her interracial sex scenes are swirly naughtiness but then again she looks great giving deepthroating one or more big cocks. This fellas is why she won an AVN award for Best Oral Sex Scene for the part she performed in Cum Swallowing Whores 2.

Hot Actress

It seems like the later they join the industry, the wilder they are. Ava Devine jumped into the game at the age of 28. When it comes to being a certified freak, very few can stand next to her. She was once referred to as the “”Lady of the Lake”” of porn by Hannah Harper, implying that she represents the myth of a legendary mystical slut because Ava Devine is ready to fuck anyone at any given time.

She brought new meaning to the idea od taking one for the team, literally. Ava once offered her pussy for a team gang-bang with the Cleveland Cavaliers when they were experiencing a losing streak. Now that’s a down-ass bitch. A whole team of virile athletes going ham on that big brown ass doesn’t intimidate her, even in the slightest. In fact, she’d gladly get bukakked in the locker-room, take a shower and do the other team right after.

The unstoppable sexual power of this cock conqueror, along with her extremely dirty style, and love of hardcore anal penetration is what makes Ava Devine a MILF in a class of her own. You might think you’ve known freaks, but you haven’t seen Ava go at it. There is no competition. Dicks, pussies, toys – everything will get destroyed along with her big tits, meat pie, and butthole. If it’s not extremely filthy and dirty, Ava Devine doesn’t want it. We’ve got all the good clips but only if you’re ready!