Brandi Love, born Tracey Lynn Livermore, grew up in Detroit, Michigan but is currently a resident of Raleigh, South Carolina, living with her husband of twelve years Chris Potoski, who she married in 1994 and whom she has an open relationship with. In addition to a lucrative career as an adult performer, she’s also served as the CFO and co-owner of two multimedia companies: Naked Rhino Media and her own website.

This business-oriented babe took a stake on her own in the porn business, starting up in June 2004 when she was only thirty-one before she began working with Los Angeles production companies, like Wicked Pictures, Brazzers, and Hustler Video in 2008. Appearing in over 100 porn films, Love is most well known for her roles playing hot wives and MILFs, appearing in facial, lesbian only, masturbation, and interracial scenes.

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A social advocate, Brandi Love founded an organization called “Parents in Adult”, a support group for parents working in porn. Beyond playing an alluring mature babe in erotic films, which has garnered her a NightMoves Award in 2013 for Best Cougar/MILF Performer (Editor’s Choice), she routinely speaks at universities, discussing the problems in traditional marriages and the benefits of swinging.

Brandi Love started her porno career at the age of 31 and quickly became known for her XXX roles as a MILF and a hot wife. Born in 1973, an Aries, she grew up in Detroit, Michigan. With her blonde hair, brown eyes, 34DD tits and love for sex, Brandi was destined for porn greatness. She loves to ask, “”Will you dare to be deviant?””

Love started her website in 2004, and by 2006 she had collaborated with Gail Harris to create Naked Rhino Media, a multimedia company creating niche websites. Her fandom for her hot-wife content grew, and by 2011 she started performing for XXX studios such as Brazzers, Girlfriend Films, and Hustler. She was even on ‘Penn & Teller: Bullshit!’ in “”The War on Porn””. This hottie is also a smarty. Not only did she start her own company, in 2008 she wrote a book called “”Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative Woman””.

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Brandi Love is truly the embodiment of the hot wife. Brandi practices open relationships and free love in real life. Every swinger wishes she would cum to their key party! Ms. Love has been an advocate for consensual non-monogamy. In 2006 she and her husband were on the Tyra Banks show with Hugh Hefner and his three girlfriends, debating a monogamous couple about “”Is Monogamy Natural?”” Brandi has spoken at universities in Human Sexuality classes about swinging, alternative relationship styles, and arguing against traditional marriage.

And somehow, she still finds time to stuff cock in her mouth. She has been nominated for many XBIZ Awards and AVN Awards. In 2013 she won a NightMoves Award for Best Cougar/MILF Performer (Editor’s Choice).

Brandi Love gives back, whether volunteering to organizations, to her fans, to the cock she is deep-throating, or just by showing us her magnificent giant tits! We can see why this MILF is top of porn mountain.

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A true “”desperate woman.”” A housewife who one day decided to live life to the fullest and convinced her husband for it. In 2001 she began to attend beauty contests, parades in bikini, do striptease, and at some point the liberation reached the ground of the purely sexual and began to share her husband with other women, in some sessions (such as the one she enjoyed together to Lexi Belle , Madison Ivy and Veronica Avluv) that the good man will never forget.

Coinciding with the boom of internet companies, Brandi decided to set up his own payment website to hang the scenes he was shooting with more and more media. This was the trigger for her porn career, and the contacts did not stop flying in all directions, forging herself as an off-road professional.

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Few like her have better represented the role of busty stepmother or mature woman who seduces and teaches stepdaughters, sons-in-law or any young man of tender age that she desires. She is not only a great interpreter beyond the strictly sexual, but she wears a gym body that can be clearly seen in dizzying abdominals that help her to move her hip during intercourse in a unique way.

As if this were not enough, his sense of philanthropy did not fade with porn, rather the opposite: he founded Parents in Adult, an association to help and advise all those porn actors who have been parents and want to continue in the industry Without harming your children. He also wrote a book of brilliant title: Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative Woman (“how to get sex from your conservative woman”).

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Brandi Love is an industry veteran. With over 70 titles to her name, the Raleigh, North Carolina native is the supreme personification of the MILF on film: thick, homely yet insatiable and a lot of class mixed with just a touch of crass. While she has no qualms with playing the bored housewife in her scenes, in the real world she is quite the entrepreneur. Your girl serves as CFO and co-owns many adult entertainment production houses as well as a non-profit called Parents in Adult, which offers counseling and other resources to workers in the porn industry who have children.

Additionally, she is an advocate of polygamy and polyamory, herself having been in a successful open marriage for well over a decade. She actively promotes alternative relationships over monogamy and so-called traditional marriage, as debated in an infamous appearance on The Tyra Banks Show back in 2006.

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A charismatic and engaging public speaker, Brandi regularly gives lectures, dropping in to talk to undergrad students about human sexuality and adult lifestyle alternatives, like swinging. As if her academic pedigree weren’t enough, she’s also a published author, having releasing a book titled “”Getting Wild Sex from Your Conservative Woman”” in 2008. Let Brandi Love give you some brains by watching her milk her men right here on Mature Community.

Aries babe Brandi Love is definitely the best lead for any porno scene that a man or woman can cum to. Her 36C-25-36 body will leave you wanting more, especially since she is five foot seven and has her left nostril pierced and the following tats a butterfly on her tailbone, a symbol on her right shoulder blade and lastly a tiny one on her right ankle.

This mature Raleigh, NC born babe was born on March 29th 1973. This industrious pstar is not only a pretty face to cum to she is the co-owner and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for famed porn production company No Rivals Media and she shows us why there are not any rivals to her skills. Love still stars in adult XXX movies and like most pornstars in the game right now this babe updates her personal website site regularly as well as her social media accounts.

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She is a hard working mature maven with future plans on releasing her first book on her time in the adult industry. As sexy as she is, she is also industrious and has also created a website and forum for adult stars who are need some sort of place to balance onscreen work and home life called, this is an organization which is dedicated to any given X-rated film star who is a parent and needs the support of others like them. She has had some mainstream success starring in some reality TV like the number one stop for pornstars The Howard Stern Show, The Tyra Banks Show and The Keith Ablow Show. All in all she has had more visible success as a porn ambassador to the mainstream world than an actual mainstream film star.

This hot minx has also been featured on the HBO series Penn & Teller: Bullshit in the episode that is entirely dedicated to the business of porn and adult films. Look let’s face it this is one anilos vixen that is sure to quench your thirst for older mature women. Trust me, older babes definitely know a thing or two about how to please a man or woman. You can find great sex scenes of her that are in the lesbian, gangbang and hardcore genres and categories and just about everything else in between.

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In all of her 77 porn titles there are so many to choose from. Notable companies she has shot for include Wicked Pictures, Brazzers, Pulse Distribution, Pure Play Media, Reality Kings, Girlfriend Films and Jules Jordan Video. If you have shot for the best then more than like you are the best. Come discover her!

Brandi Love is the definitive MILF – and she has always been this way, since she started working in the adult industry when she was already 30 years of age. So, in a way, she is the wife that moved next to your house and you wanted to bang her from the first moment your eyes met.Brandi LoveBorn on the 29th of March 1973, in California, her name is actually Tracey Lynne Potoski (which, by all means, could have also worked as a stage name). And, as the pornstar says, she has always been quite the rebel, even if she has a conservative childhood.

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As she recalls, she played sax even if she was supposed to play the piano and she played soccer even if she was supposed to be a ballerina.And she has had quite a successful life even before becoming an adult actress – and all together with her husband, which she met while she was in college. As a matter of fact, it was with him that she started diversifying her sexual life.It can be said that Brandi Love was a latter bloomer, since she had her cherry popped at the age of 17 – as she recall, she even had to drive her boyfriend back home afterwards, since she was the one with a driving licence.

However, with her husband, she started swinging and doing all the stuff they saw on the internet.And this is how the idea of going in the adult business appeared – even if they needed to have some programming skills for their wine company website, all they knew was how to surf for porn. So when the two webmasters they hired for the job asked them if they were interested, they definitely said yes!Brandi LoveIf you find it kinky to be married and a successful pornstar, Brandi Love thinks otherwise, thinks that everything is subjective – she herself said that she hasn’t done on camera what she has done in private life.

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For example, in almost 11 years since she has been in the industry, she hasn’t had a boy/girl/boy scene, whereas she has been in orgies of 1000 people in her private life.Another point of interest for the fans would be an anal scene – but as the actress said, it isn’t of interest for her, since pain is not her game.But what is her game? Is she as selfish as all the pornstars are rumoured to be? Not at all – with her No Rivals Media adult entertainment company she has offered her support for all the parents involved in one way or another in the adult business, as well as being involved in all sorts of charitable endeavours.

For the record, the naughty MILF has even held lectures for the sociology students at the East Carolina University, lectures concerning alternative relationships.In the past 2 years, she has gathered 7 nominations and wins, including a MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year. Brazzers, Hustler and Wicked are just a few of the adult studios for which she shot hardcore features – for example, her first full length film was Succubus in 2007, shot for Evil Motion Pictures. But, as she said, the most fun she had was shooting This Ain’t Game of Thrones in 2014.