If you want to enjoy a real Mature hotter than most of the MILF in the adult industry, you need to check out Darla Crane and all of her work. This babe works in the adult industry since the 90s and she saw everything there is to see. She performed in all major niches and she is well known for her political opinions. She’s quite different compared with all the other porn stars. She is engaged in the civic life and she sees her career as a regular job one could have.

Darla Crane likes to call herself a “professional fornicatrix”, and when you’ll see her in action you will understand that she is indeed a professional. Anything she does in front of the camera is hot, but that’s also because she rocks a splendid body.

She is a voluptuous vixen with big boobs (34DD after enhancement), she has wide hips, a great ass, and her skin is spotted with sexy freckles. Although she is 50, she looks better than many of the 40 years old babes in the industry. In the same time she knows how to show her age, without creating that troublesome effect you get when you look at old chicks that try their best to keep a sexy body (like Madonna for example). She is really worth watching, so check out the following paragraphs to learn more about her.

From Soft to Hardcore

Although she started her career in the adult world, Darla Crane used to only be featured in non-sexual productions. Most of her work between the 90s and 2000s was all for pin-up, fetish, and bondage adult magazines. Before she broke into the mainstream porn industry, she tried her luck as a writer and producer of BDSM themed movies. She made seven films as a producer, all of them featuring strong dominating women in bondage sessions.

She is credited as a performer in more than 230 features. Over the years, she worked with many big companies, including Vivid Entertainment, Devil’s Film, Brazzers, Evil Angel, and Naughty America.Darla CraneDarla Crane made her debut in 1990 and she was active ever since. Now, at the age or 50, with more than half of her life spent as a porn star, we can say that Darla Crane is the ultimate mature. She has both the experience and the fan base to be one of the queens of the industry. However, she is more appealing to a more select audience. She’s not popular with youngster. Most of her fans are career men who find in her that authority figure who can make them feel dominated. In a way, she is a sex therapist!

A Politically Charged Porn Star

In most cases, porn stars are keeping their political views to themselves, because the nature of their work doesn’t put them in the position for a well-received opinion. However, since Darla Crane appeals to a more mature audience, her Twitter account is the perfect place where she can state her political views and comment on today’s crazy world. She is a strong liberal, to the point that she’s almost a socialist. She supports gay rights, the feminist agenda and all kinds of progressive movements meant to free the people and make the government work for the people.

In its day some called it “”the Bettie Page of the nineties”” for its characteristic straight bangs and permanent smile, but the truth is that the resemblance ended there. In glamor it was obviously not even comparable, but Darla’s commitment to her profession has been gigantic, unquestionable, almost sacrificial: a life dedicated almost entirely to seducing.

Its beginnings date back to 1990, when the busty redhead began to appear in softcore movies and magazines, most of the time with pin-up aesthetics and flirting very slightly with the softest and most innocent BDSM. The next step would come a few years later, in 1997, when the Californian starlet would begin the reverse path to the usual one: she began directing, producing, writing and editing fetish porn without participating in any scene, while maintaining her work as an erotic model, and finally in 2000 I would end up going through the hoop and debuting as a conventional porn actress. Two years later he would open his own official website, but in the middle of that decade he would take a break from work.

In 2009 Darla Crane terminates the recess and returns to porn to continue directing and starring in all kinds of scenes, with a physicist already half a century old who is the envy of many young girls.

If your cock is hardwired to get a jumpstart whenever a real MILF gets within poking range, then Darla Crane is sure to send you multiple scrotal shockwaves. Darla is a 100% real-life hungry cougar. The look in her mature and freckled face just screams out for a few firm dick slaps from a young piece of male fuck meat. Darla can chew up and spit out legions of horny young dudes who would sacrifice themselves to this goddess of mature muff.

With that long flowing peach hair and distant slut look in her eyes, Darla looks like a classic beauty you could imagine riding a horse while knitting a sweater and fingering herself to orgasm at the same time. If you saw Darla riding a horse, or a dick for that matter, you would be in for quite the treat, because Darla has got a famously large set of floppy fun-bags. Her tits are warm, mammoth mouthfuls, like two watermelon-sized balloons full of warm milk.

We imagine Darla is a pretty tough lady with a strong build if she goes around supporting those boobs all day. At least we know Darla likes to lie back and relax from time to time, preferably with a dude or even a cute girl nuzzling their faces between her thighs and lapping at her lady parts. Darla’s naked skin is covered in freckles, and each spot represents another load she has helped to blow.

Pornstar pinup babe Darla Crane was born Shelley Shelnutt and is aptly called the Bettie Page of the ’90s because of her great looks, sexy allure and pinup style. This mature hottie is an erotic milf from Los Angeles, California with a taste for kinky fetishes, strip teasing and fucking. When she was ten years old she decided that when she grew up, she would either be an actress or a pin-up girl.

We all know which dream won the tussle. In the early 1990s she first began to appear in softcore men’s magazines and shoot videos for a company that specialized in soft bondage and soft (read vanilla) BDSM themed pics. She gained an extremely devoted following from her X-rated fans, so much so that she was eventually dubbed the Bettie Page of the ’90s.

Since 1994 this mature vixen has been producing and directing her own fetish-themed features; if you do the math that’s a full 20 plus years of directing kinky fetish themed porn. Not just a slit to cum in, she also edits scenes and writes, but her first love is still nude and fetish themed modeling.

Back in 2000, so 14 years ago now, this fetish queen decided to take her career in another direction and started shooting mainstream sex scenes. She is so good that she has been the face on the front cover of almost every hardcore video she has been featured in. In 2002 this babe finally launched her own website. Don’t worry yourselves, she is still heavily involved in writing, directing and editing for other adult entertainment companies, however, she has found that working on her own site is the most rewarding aspect of her career.

There is nothing more that this mature cougar loves more than sucking a big fat dick and sticking that dick in the middle of her great set of tits and jug fucking that cock. She has had the pleasure of pleasing onscreen Tyce Bune, Sean Michaels, Johnny Castle and Mr. BBC himself Mandingo. Although seeing her with Deauxma, Holly Halston and Julia Ann in a lesbian orgy is pretty fucking hot too.

This mature vixen has also directed six movies so far with a few more in the future to come out. Whether she’s getting long dicked from the back or holding a leather whip in her hand, Crane is a cougar who was born to be a pinup star and skin flute player. Do yourself the favor and seek out all this harlot’s vids under the aliases of Darla Michaels and Darla Krane you’re sure to find something new about this vixen that excites you. If IAFD.com says she has over 195 different porn titles to choose from we are pretty sure that you will find worthy of your wanking and Jilling. If not there is always more to choose from.

A vintage pornstar who’s still going strong to this day, Darla Crane started formulating her porno empire in 1990 at the age of 24. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 134 pounds. She has a 36DD chest, a 25-inch waist and a 36-inch ass. Initially known for highly softcore stuff, she eventually graduated to the hardcore stuff. She’s a kinkster with a lot of bondage porn and fetish videos under her belt. She has also done some serious anal scenes and had plenty of lesbian encounters, too. Darla is now a total MILF who ranks with the best of ’em.

She even has sex toys made in her image – not of her face but of her pussy. She has been called Darla Krane or Darla Michaels a few times, but Darla Crane is what she prefers to go by. Darla always wanted to become a sex symbol, which is why she penetrated the porn biz in the ’90s. Some people back then even compared her to Bettie Page because she was so popular in the pinup and bondage genres. In 1994, Darla started creating her own porn videos while also shooting for other people.

She loves being fully immersed in the creative process and getting to have a say in what comes out on the screen. Not much is truly known about Darla because, even though she’s been around the block more than once, she’s a pretty private person. Nevertheless, any porn movie with this timeless hottie is sure to please.