Diamond Foxxx was born on January 5, 1973 in Albany, Georgia in a military family. She has two siblings and her family moved very often because of her father’s job. Most of her life Diamond lived in Virginia where she got married and had a child. Prior porn she was an E.M.T. volunteer for four years. Later Diamond divorced her first husband and joined the Navy where she spent some time, but was expelled because of a “sexual misconduct.” Her next job was a stripper in Dallas where she met her second husband with whom she moved to Florida.

In 2004, when she was thirty-one years old, Diamond joined the adult entertainment industry in order to gain money for her career as a real estate agent. Her debut was for Naughty America series “My First Sex Teacher”.Within her porn career, Diamond has performed in 50 films and was mostly casted as a hot MILF. She had a short career because of her wild nature that was always leading her to problems with the law; she was arrested once and later decided to retire (2011).

One year later she shot a gangbang scene for Brazzers and in 2013 she released a brand new double penetration video also for Brazzers. Diamond Foxxx has several AVN awards, including MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year and Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene.In February 2005, Diamond was arrested in Ohio for prostitution.

Diamond Foxxx story

Police found her with other escorts and she was arrested for asking $950 for one hour of sex. However, she got released with a small fine. The same year Diamond was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy.In 2011 she released a press release stating that if Pittsburgh Steelers win the Superbowl, “Diamond Foxx will give a blowjob (or perform oral sex on women too) to any of her Twitter followers who show up for her victory celebration.” Diamond has her navel, lip, clit and ears pierced; besides her breasts silicones, she also has butt silicone implants.

Tired of the small city of Virginia where she was born, at age 25 she decided to travel south to Florida to see some world and carve out a future away from deep America after a failed attempt to follow the path of her parents (both they were military) upon being expelled from the army for inappropriate sexual behavior.

His first idea was to become a real estate agent, but that required investing money, and that’s how he started in porn to finance himself. But she liked the thing and ended up settling in Los Angeles, where she worked for numerous producers. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas, where she works as a stripper in a club and continues to participate in porn scenes with moderate assiduity.

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Once upon a time, there was a sweet girl with platinum blonde hair and a hot body, who would only want to help people, so she worked as an emergency medical technician. Now, this stunning blonde had the physical power to give an instant pulse to even the most sedated patient. She probably cured more dudes in the ambulance just by leaning her fat tits over their faces to check their heartbeats.

This is Diamond Foxxx, who must have realized she can help far more people, all around the world, on a porn set instead of in the back of an ambulance. Diamond has since donned many doctor’s and nurse’s uniforms, but we bet the only casualties she now experiences are limping pairs of exhausted dicks and emptied scrotums after she’s done giving patients the fuck of a lifetime. Diamond is a true man-eating cougar these days. She’s got tits so big, they’re like big-game traps for hunting hot rods.

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Her lips alone can make even the most swollen dick-head disappear in shame when she puckers up. The things she does with her twat and butt cunt are so filthy, you need a shower just from reading the scene descriptions. Diamond is a true heavyweight in the industry, a leading fuck panther, a goddess among mortal sluts. She’s done close to 200 movies and truly is getting hotter and more boner inducing every year. She’s a MILF Masterpiece whose legendary status keeps growing like our boners every time we watch her in action.

It’s always hard to write about the end of a career, equally sad when speaking of sultry starlet, Diamond Foxxx. This diamond in the rough is now a retired porn star now and considered a former stripper. Foxxx was born in the city of Albany, Georgia in the United States. The story is that her career started after she met her second husband, they had a child and she began shooting porn in 2004. Before she was fucking on film she worked as a stripper in Dallas, Texas and had much smaller breasts. It all changed in December of 2004 this sex kitten had a tit job and upped her game to DD cup tits. She made about 50 mostly milf themed movies in her short career.

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Her career was relatively short and a bit rocky as well, she was arrested which led her to an early retirement. Her arrest took place in Ohio in February of 2005. Her arrest was for was for prostitution. Diamond was swept up in a sting with a bunch of other escorts and was arrested for charging $950 an hour for sex. She was later released with only a small fine to pay. Later on in 2005 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a complete hysterectomy. A few years later returned to the adult industry in 2007 and by then her rack had grown to a G cup. She is now retired and currently lives in Florida. Diamond Fox is also known as D Foxxx.

Described as a hot blonde babe with blue eyes, she is 5 feet and 4 inches tall with size 5.5 feet and weighs in on the scale at only 103 pounds. Surprisingly this minx has not a single tattoo but has a few piercings including one on her clitoris. For those looking for real facts she measures 33F-24-36, this makes her exceptionally desirable to her fans.

At one time this feisty fox was a naughty nurse, and for 11 months she was actually in the Navy, until her sexual desires overcame her and she was discharged for sexual misconduct, a.k.a. using her pussy as a dangerous weapon to strangle cock commandos. Her big jugs probably saved more lives in the Navy than ambulances and doctors. She was born on a naval base to a Marine and a naval officer but her big ambitions didn’t line up with the family plans.

Nothing was going stop her from reaching her destiny, not even a divorce, or a discharge from the military, so she moved to Dallas and started working as a stripper. She got a lot of attention, so she decided to get a boob job and ass implants to add more ammo to her arsenal. Diamond started doing porn in 2004, which she claims was to pay for her career in real estate, but we all know the pounding in her pussy was there long before the porn pay started. Diamond not only has triple X in her name, she’s got it running through her veins. She knows what the crowd wants and does everything from gangbang scenes and DP, to lesbian, blowjobs, facials and anal, and Mature Community has all the fan favorites.