Fake Hub is a hardcore porn network that contains 9 premium porn sites (Fake Taxi, Fake Agent, Fake Agent UK, Female Agent, Public Agent, Fake Hospital, Fake Cop, Fake Driving School and Fake Hostle). I must admit that, the first time I heard about this network, I thought that it has to be some kind of a scam but boy, was I wrong.

The word “fake” in the title made me think that I wasn’t gonna get porn but who knows what instead. No! The porn on this network is real. All that hardcore fucking and blowjobs, are as real as Sara Stone’s big tits. What is fake are only the pretexts. Let me elaborate…

Premium porn Site

Fake Taxi is a premium porn site that offers 240+ scenes. There are 2 types of scenes on this site – London scenes and Prague scenes. A driver is picking up fares (girls, couples and sometimes 2 girls at a time) or female hitchhikers without money for a ride. At one point, the arrangements for fucking are going to be made.

A driver will then fuck the girl (or girls) in the back seat of his taxi, and if he had picked up a couple, then the girl will be fucked by both her traveling companion and the driver. Of course, all of them will end up paying, but this driver doesn’t care about their money.

Fake Agent contains 400+ scenes.

The girls are coming to audition for a modeling job. Some of them are not sure what kind of “modeling” is in question, and some of them had a pretty accurate assumption that it’s all about the porn. The “agent” will not recommend them to his clients unless he tests them in order to see how good they can fuck in front of a camera. You’ll see mostly girls from Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Serbia, Croatia, Romania…), but some of them are even from United States.

On Fake Agent UK you will find 170+ videos. The story here is the same as the one on the Fake Agent, but the “agent” and most girls are from UK.
Female Agent offers 300+ scenes and the scenario is pretty much the same as scenarios on 2 previous sites. The difference is that the situation is reversed here. The “agents” are women. They will test both guys and girls for adult modeling jobs.

Public Agent, fake hospital, fake cop and fake Driving School

Public Agent is a pay porn site that has a library of 300+ videos that will show you a guy representing himself as a modeling agent. He is approaching the girls with dreams of fame and fortune on the street, and offering a lot of money to them. He promises them modeling contracts and all he wants in return is blowjob and a fuck.

Fake Hospital contains 160+ movies. Girls and guys are coming to hospital for examination. They will end up being fucked either by the “doctor” or by his “nurse”, or by both of them, under the pretext of thoroughness of the examination.

Fake Cop are here to protect and service girls who got themselves into all kinds of troubles doing all kinds of stupid things.

Fake Driving School is a newest addition to this network (release in 2017) and it’s pretty much self-explanatory.
All videos are HD but there are no photos on this network

Porn Network

Fake Hub as a network offers 3000+ scenes in total, and they have English subtitles (both non-English and English scenes). The network uploads 10 new videos in a week. I’d say that scenes last about half an hour (or a bit more) on average. All videos are offered in HD 720p quality for both downloading (FLV, WMV and MP4) and streaming. The only difference between older and newer movies is the number and variety of offered formats and quality settings (mobile formats are included). Newer scenes offer 2 options more than the older ones.

When you open a specific update, besides the video itself, you wont get much. There is a description, information about location site and number of likes and dislikes, related scenes, comments, and sometimes you will get a hyper-linked cast. There are no category tags. Also, what’s missing on Updates pages are photos. There are no pictures on Fake Hub. Besides liking or disliking the scenes and leaving comments, members can save videos to Favorites or to Watch Later list.

Fake Hub Porn

Members of this network will get only the basic navigational options. They can browse by scenes or by models. Girls can be browsed only by the whole network. Only the scenes can be browsed by individual sites (if you pick a site from Sites & Niches menu). If you browse by the whole network, you can sort scenes by date, title, number of views and number of likes, and sort models by number of likes, number of scenes and by letter. There is no filtering by categories, birth country of models, their age or appearance, or anything like that. If you browse the scenes by individual sites, you won’t find any sorting options.

The only information you will get on Girls pages are their countries of birth, and number of likes and dislikes. You’ll get her scenes, though, and you can “follow” girls and save them to favorites. Another bad news is that downloading is limited to 20GB of data per day. The good news is that they have some promo offers and live cams.

Mostly European hotties

You cannot even filter models by gender. In total, there are 1,100+ models on Fake Hub and this number includes both girls and guys. Luckily, I’d say that there are at least 1,000+ girls in here. These girls are mostly from European countries (UK, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, etc.) and some of them are from USA. They are mostly Caucasian, but you can see some Ebony girls as well. Their tits are mostly natural and you’ll see various sizes and shapes of their boobs. Their bodies are average, slim or busty, but there are some chubby girls, too, and you can watch mostly young babes fucking, but there are some MILFs as well.

Most of the usual porn categories are represented on Fake Hub (blowjob, threesome, anal, lesbian, hardcore, creampie, blowjob, facial, squirting, feet, doggy style, car, outdoors…). The scenes are shot gonzo-style, and there are a lot of POV shots. The fact whether the scenes are scripted or not is absolutely irrelevant because they look amazingly authentic, and the participants are behaving absolutely naturally.