Julia Ann is the lady you picture in your head when you have a MILF fantasy. She is a true American woman, tall, blonde and smoking hot. She could be the muse of rock stars and the reason of your late night naughty happiness. Julia was bone on 8th October 1969, a year that suits the birth of a porn queen. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Julia developed the lifestyle and the connections that put her in the top charts of the most influential adult entertainment companies. That and her marvelous body!

Julia Ann: The Legend!

She has some of the most amazing boobs in porn and her ass is famous for the way it jiggles during anal scenes. More than that, her deep blue eyes look marvelous in the POV blowjob scenes she shoots. She had a couple of plastic surgeries, such as breast implants, labiaplasty and an intervention to her nose to hide the follow-ups of a horseback riding accident. As for extra trait to her body, she has a couple of tattoos on her ankles and above her ass, plus a little heart on her left breast. Except for ears piercings and full body shave, she keeps herself all natural. Although classified as a MILF by most porn sites, Julia doesn’t have any kids and she likes to consider herself a cougar.

A Long Career Filled With Hard Work

Most of the porn stars come and go, and only the best manage to stay on top more than 10 years. Not everyone is suited to pull through with this kind of life and some girls let their life spiral out of control with constant partying and lots of drugs. Not Julia Ann thou! She’s been in business for some incredible 23 years and she’s done it with hard work and sacrifice. That sex goddess body you see is the result of hours spent in the gym every week and a restrain from tempting vices that could ruin a modeling career.Julia Ann AssHer career in the modeling age started when she was 18, but her imposing stature brought her a contract as a mud wrestler bikini model in Hollywood.

In the early 1990’ Julia and her friend Janine Lindemulder put together the Bondage strip act, which was so popular that they toured the country with it. Soon after, she was offered porn contracts and she broke through in this industry with the 1999 porn fantasy film Veronica 2030, in which she played a sex android.But we must face it, her incredible success is mostly due to the internet. After the HD porn revolution in the online world, Julia Ann became the reference MILF. In fact, she is a member of both AVN and XRCO Hall of Fame and this year she received the 2015 AVN Award for the Hottest MILF.

Julia in Her Spare Time

Off set, she is a sweet and hardworking lady, who loves animals. She’s a member of the PETA association and she recently lost her favorite pet dog. Besides acting, Julia decided to try something else as well, and since 2007, she is a makeup artist. Usually, in the behind the camera footage, you will find her doing the make-up of other actors and models. Julia also carea about her fans, she takes time to respond to her messages and tweets and she’s really close with the members of her personal site, which are updated with aspects of her daily life. She was shortly marries to Michael Ravens, an adult film director, but things fall appart after 4 years.

Do you remember your horny awkward teen fantasies about your hot MILF neighbor or your sexy smart teacher? Chances are, the pervy casting agent in your mind went right for the legendary Julia Ann to fill this role… to fill that hole. Julia is the perfect blonde MILF… sweet smile, smooth skin, milky tits, plump ass and gorgeous pussy. She’ll make you feel right at home by holding you dear, listening to your problems, caressing your hair, and then still giving you the deepest blowjob of your fantasies.

Julia Ann External Milf

That’s what a good performer can do… mix up the sensual lovemaking with the heavy horny pelvic hammering, and Ms. Ann has got the experience as a top performer. She’s been dancing, stripping, and slamming sex meat since the ‘90s, and believe us… time and experience have worked wonders for her. There’s a good reason Julia has always been sought after as a contract girl for the biggest studios.

You don’t take a smoking hot MILF like that and not lock her down. So, if Julia awakens the age-old young dude hankering for some true cougar meat, you’ll all be glad to know that these days she’s working hard as an advocate for young men getting a real taste of older women, by being the spokesperson for Cougar Life. If there’s any chance the cougars there are half as amazing as Julia, we’ll bet those served will get more jammed up than the spunk building in every guy’s nether parts as they’re devouring Julia Ann’s wicked movies.