Kelly Madison is a mainstream porn queen known for her massive boobs, but also for her work behind the camera. Besides being an X rated actress, she is also a director, producer and entrepreneur. She was born in California, back in 1967 and she is the daughter of an actor and an accountant. She has blue eyes and blonde natural hair, long legs and an imposing height of 5 feet 9. Her greatest body trait are her massive breasts, which are probably the reason she was picked up for her first gigs. What’s curious about her 34FF bust is the fact that’s 100% natural. Kelly had no surgeries or augmentations, so you are looking at a natural beauty, which is kind of rare in the porn industry of this era. She doesn’t have any tattoos and she keeps her whole body hairless.

The Independent Debut and its Huge Success

Kelly seems to have the skills required for a porn career running through her veins, since her one year younger cousin, Janine Marie James, is also a successful porn star. In fact, she was inspired by her cousin’s success and entered the film industry in 2003, currently having 13 years of experience in front of the camera. Her debut wasn’t as wild or randomly as most of the stories in the porn world. In fact, the beginning of her career is inspiring for the girls who want to take control of their life as both performers and business women.Kelly Madison BoobsHer first appearance in front of the camera was along her young graphic designer husband. The two of them put together a personal porn site and after some months of advertisement and homemade porn productions, they break through and their site became popular. But none of them wanted to stop there, and that’s how their own studio 413 Productions, was born.

Now she and her husband Ryan and successful business partners. Today, their official website, PornFidelity, grew from one on one scenes and occasional threesomes to a site that has produced DVDS and can offer almost 600 4K scenes featuring famous porn stars from all across the web. The alpha male of their studio is still Kelly’s husband Ryan Madison, who is featured in more than 90% of their studio’s productions.Even if she is mostly working for her own company, Kelly managed to grap some awards from under the nose of the porn’s largest networks. In 2011 she got the award for MILF Site of The Year from XBIZ and one for The Best Web Star from AVN. Recently, Kelly and her husband were both included in the AVN Hall of Fame.

The Sweet Life of Ryan and Kelly

Her personal life was pretty regular up to the point when she met Ryan, who was a 22 years old designer at the graphic company where she was a vice president of the sales department. What started out as an office flirt soon became a real ting and although Kelly was engaged at the time, she decided to elope with a guy who was 10 years younger than hers. At this point, they have a happy life, an open married and hundreds of thousands of dollars in their bank accounts. She and her husband don’t have kids, but they have a big yellow Labrador who is basically their son. Kelly is really happy with her life and she doesn’t think about quitting the industry anytime soon.

What’s better than a porno superstar who is so in control of her game that she produces her own content and runs her own website? How about one that sports 100% real authentic massive 34 FF tits? That’s right, Kelly Madison’s rack is the real deal… not a stitch of surgery has gone into the molding of those perfect cans. Kelly likes to claim that when she was younger, she was worried about her breasts becoming too big for her own good. Well, young sluts sometimes have strange ideas. As she matured, she realized that there is no such thing as too big, and she’s been putting those fun-bags to work for her ever since.

Kelly is a self-made entrepreneur of smut, going out and building her own studio out of a rundown warehouse and turning it into a kink palace. Ever since then, she’s worked with some of the biggest throbbing boners and some of the other hottest porno super-girls in the business, swallowing cock and slurping pussy every day. Her horniness is just as natural as her tits, and it shows in her scenes.

Just watch those nipples swell, those pussy flaps open up, and that glistening cunt-slime ooze out of her twat when she even just smells a dick getting hard. This cougar takes on everything from teen girls to black gangbangs and beyond. Her website boasts being an AVN winner for best web star, and we’ve got plenty of that good Kelly Madison fuck footage for you, right here.