Kristal Summers is a face in porn that you are bound to see if you are into milfs rather it is just a saucy lingerie photoshoot to seeing their face plastered in cum then you ran into her. She has been in the adult industry since 1998 and has not been in any recent flicks since 2015, but in her time she has managed to do over 200 flicks/web scenes. Her first movie, His Last Chance, was a nonsexual video released by Harmony Concepts in the year 1998. Her most recent film, Jewell’s Kinky Classroom: Basic Bondage Edition 2, was in 2015 and distributed by Jewell Marceau. You might have seen the unusual complication flick, MILF Mayhem (II), that was released last year by the guys down at Fusxion. Do I think that we will see more of her? Unless she plans on making a 50+ comeback, then I highly doubt we will see anything of her in the next few years. Fingers crossed since it was two years since her most recent flick.

A Lot Of Everything

Kristal has an immense amount of experience in many niches, but her three biggest are nonsexual, lesbian only, and facial content. If you have never thought that an actress can corner the nonsexual niche in their career then look at Kristal in: Brandy’s Bondage Challenge, Brandy: A Pile Of Gags, Brandy: Hogtied For A Whole Day, Brandy: Inescapably Bound And Mummified, Brandy: Leather Laced and Locked, His Last Chance, Basically Becca, Porn Star, Nina Hartley’s Private Sessions 5, and Nina Hartley’s Private Sessions 6.Kristal SummersThis only covering a handful of her nonsex content as a handful of her girl on girl experience includes the works of: Pantyhose Domination 3

Hosed Therapist, Babe Buffet: All You Can Eat, Julia Ann: Lesbian MILF Magnet, Rubber Masquerade 2, Jenna Haze’s Secret Desires, Revenge of the Dildos, Ashton’s Auditions 2, and Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo 4. Lastly, if all you want to do is see her get plastered on the face with cum then you will love the titles: Crazy About You, Last Resort, Without A Trace, Puritan Magazine 32, Shocking Truth, Infidelity, Five Rooms, and My First Porno.

A lot of MILFs make their name by playing sweet and tender motherly types who just want a young stud to show them a good time. Not Kristal Summers, though. Even though Kristal is one of the most smoking hot MILFs working in Fucktown, USA today, she’s no sweet and maternal mommy type. Kristal is a MILF with an attitude, a hardcore bikini model and major bike enthusiast. If you like a mature hottie with platinum blonde hair and massive tits who rides a shiny black bike just as well as she rides a shiny throbbing dick, then Kristal is your piping hot cup of fuck juice. The way she straddles a hog, wind in her hair, vibrations shuddering up her thighs and deep inside her pussy, she’ll send your balls revving into the red zone in no time.

Kristal has got a strong, mean and demanding way with her boy toys. She’s less interested in making them feel good about themselves and more interested in forcing them to worship her wet mature pussy and respect her booming mom butt. Guys kneel down in adoration just to motorboat her amazingly fat rack with her sexed-up-mom freckled cleavage. Kristal is a tattoo enthusiast, heavy metal mom whose banging skills are just as hardcore as her taste in style and music. And if all of this isn’t hardcore enough for you, she’s also one hell of a wrestler, always ready for a grappling before a fucking.