Lisa Ann is one of the internet sensations in the world of porn. She is highly popular in all across the English speaking countries of the world, according to the Mature Community search results, but also in Europe and Australia. Her real name is Lisa Anne Corpora and she is an American brunette, born in 1972, on May 9th. Currently, she is retired, but she has done enough to keep us talking about her career years from now. First of all, let’s talk a little about her body.

She is a dark brunette with dark eyes and an hourglass shaped body that will drive you insane. If you are into shorter women, you will love this petite lady. She is 5 feet 2 tall, but her goodies are not proportional with her height. Even if she has implants, her boobs are massive double Ds that go well with her bubble butt and her wide hips are simply insane. Besides her breasts augmentation, Lisa is perfectly natural, with no tattoos and sometimes with a little hair down under.

A Controversial Career with Ups And Downs

Lisa had an interesting and thrilling debuted in the world of adult entertainment. Even if it’s illegal and immoral in some extents, Lisa started out as a stripper at the early age of 16. She got the gig by using a fake ID and lying about her age. She was first featured in an adult movie back in 1993, but retired in 1997. After a long break, she decided to come back in the industry in 2006, first as a director and producer and then again as a performer. Her most famous moment is the parody she did of Sara Palin, the American Republican congresswoman from Alaska.

The movie is known as Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? , produced by Hustler and launched on the election day of 2008. It was an incredible stun for her career, because her popularity blew off the charts. She later played the same role in Eminem’s music video for the single “We made you”.Lisa Ann She did hundreds of scenes, most of them after the 2008 Palin incident. All her work brought her a lot of recognition and awards. The most noticeable award she has should be the as the 2011 XBIZ Award for the best MILF performer. Also, an online success can also be considered the position 43 in the top 50 most searched women on the internet in 2012, according to Google.

Business Owner, Sports Fan and Party VIP

Her off-stage life is just as interesting as her on stage performance. After an AIDS scare that hit the Hollywood porn industry in 1997, Lisa Ann decided to quit porn and she opened a Spa. Thing went well for a while, but she came back to porn. Her career also includes directing contracts and gigs as a makeup artist. In 2009, she became the image and spokesperson for the RealTouch sex toys for men and shortly after, the famous Fleshlight Company launched a collection of artificial vaginas model after her pussy, which are still on the market.She now lives in New York City, where she likes to have fun with NBA players.

She is a sports passionate and according to the interviews she gave to various publications and websites, her dream job was to be a sports agent or a sports reporter. In the last couple of years, according to rumors circulated on the web, Lisa was involved with multiple young athletes, including 18 years old football player Justin Brent. She has no plans to get back into doing porn, but she is featured in porn related events most of the time.

When it comes to Queens of Porn, you cannot avoid hearing about Lisa Ann. This busty brunette MILF has already become porn royalty. An industry legend, with more than 500 XXX hardcore movies under her belt, this queen has been known to take it all in from behind and from behind the camera as well.

Actress and producer

She has been an actress, producer and director of award-winning adult movies that usually focus on the fact that Lisa Ann loves sticking her perfect round ass in your face, squatting it down onto your cock and then walking back to her director’s chair so she can start telling other pornstars how to perform even better when it’s their turn to entertain.

One of the best history porn star

Lisa Ann is one of the hottest and hardest working women in the porn industry. This MILF runs her own talent agency, a XXX studio, and is also a famous American sports radio personality. It’s not just her tits that are big; this busty brunette also has a big beautiful brain. Few women in skin biz history can compare to her whole package of looks, sexuality, brains and passion for performing.

Her most famous role to date was one in which she famously parodied Sarah Palin for Hustler Video in the wildly popular “”Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?”” series where we got to see her great sense of humor and comedic timing while also getting to live out the fantasy of shoving a hard cock balls deep into Sarah Palin.

This smoking hot MILF is a native of Pennsylvania born in 1972. She started dancing at a strip club called Al’s Diamond Cabaret in the 90s and got the chance to meet some industry legends who came to the club.

Milf woman

Like her ass, her ambitions were big and magnificent. After moving to California to pursue her pornstar wet dreams, Lisa Ann began to change the entire perception people had about pornstars. Back in the 90s,18-year-old blondes were boss, and it didn’t matter if the curtains matched the drapes, because bald vagina was fashionable. Instead of dying her hair or shaving her snatch, Ms. Ann decided to keep her gorgeous brunette locks. From the beginning, Lisa Ann made her own rules and that turned out to be her smartest decision of all.

When the movie American Pie was released and “”Stifler’s mom”” became a global sensation, Lisa Ann was poised to make her move. It was at that moment when MILFs became a niche on par with the tight teen starlets of the prior decade. Starting off her adult career as a contract girl for Metro/Cal Vista before leaving the industry in 1997, she has made a name for herself as a mature pornstar and helped to redefine the term sex symbol to include women in their thirties, forties and beyond.

Returning to the skin biz in 2006, Lisa made herself into the top pornstar on the planet. With her pouty lips, heaving tits and amazing ass, Lisa Ann started getting into roles as a sex-crazed power cougar, the bitchy boss, sensitive and caring stepmom, and more. She goes from sucking cock to licking pussy without missing a stroke.

Mature Sex

Her epic return is most celebrated with her portrayal of Sarah Palin, the vice-presidential nominee. To prepare herself, she watched the vice-presidential debate and started studying Tina Fey. The role opened up her exposure to mainstream media even wider than Lisa can spread her legs, as Lisa Ann began muff diving her way right into the Hollywood spotlight.

After she brought sexy back into politics, she became the first MILF to get her own Fleshlight sex toy. At every turn, Lisa Ann continues to solidify her position in the industry as porn royalty, the MILF du jour, and a comeback queen.

In December 2015, Lisa once again retired from performing in the adult industry, but she still makes appearances at shows like Exxotica and the AVN Awards. Lisa Ann has won just about every award out there. Including being inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame. Lisa Ann is the ultimate MILF fantasy, and her Mature Community ranking proves it!