Penny Porsche (AKA Penny Porshe, Penny, Penny Porsha, Penny Porche…) was born in Ohio, on August the 21st, 1961. That means that she’s what porn industry would classify as a MILF. This beautiful Caucasian girl is a blonde, and her eyes are brown. She grew up in a lower middle class family and she had 4 siblings (she was the youngest of all the girls). While she was growing up she wanted to become an actress (and eventually she definitely did… in a way). She was performing in theater at the age of 11. She was never the cheerleading type of a girl – she was more into dirt-bikes and motorcycles. Besides that, she loved rock music and she was into bands. When she was still just a kid, her older sister took her on a tour with Rush (a Canadian rock band).

Penny pornstar

Penny started smoking weed on a regular basis and she didn’t stop until she was 26. She also loved dropping acid every now and then. When she was 15, she ran away from home and went to Hollywood to pursue her dreams. She soon realized that Hollywood isn’t all movie sets, red carpets and parties, and that it’s not the acting skills that matter, but connections. Since she needed a job, she went into sales and she had that job for the next 24 years.

At the age of 16, Penny went back to Ohio to go to her prom, and that’s when she lost her virginity in the back seat of the car that was parked by the river. She did it with the guy she was in love with since second grade. However, she didn’t like the experience because it wasn’t what she expected. 11 years went by until she saw that guy again… Penny started developing at early age and she claims that her tits are natural. She had them lifted (gravity is a bitch), and later she had a breast reduction. Even after reduction her tits are huge (38F-28-38). Since she loved R’n’R, she wanted to become a manager for rock bands. Musicians were always crashing at her house (even on her floor) anyhow…

Porn career

In 2004, after a bad breakup with an ex boyfriend, Penny lost everything so she needed the money. That’s why she decided to enter the adult industry. She was 43 at the time. This hottie is not only a busty MILF, but she’s a squirter and she’s famous for lactation (she once said that she likes the taste of both). A few months after the beginning of her career (her first videos didn’t even came out), she took a break from porn for about a year, in order to figure out some things about herself, and whether porn is something she would like to be doing.

After realizing that it was too late for going back, she started performing again. Penny is not attracted to black guys, so you won’t find her interracial scenes. During her acting career she’s worked with studios like Score, Naughty America, White Ghetto, Brazzers, Devil’s Film, etc.

Private life

Penny retired from the adult industry in 2009. Since aforementioned weed and acid use in the seventies, she had a coke phase in the eighties, but that’s all behind her now. Now she’s living the healthy life – she’s exercising, eating healthy and stuff like that. Besides that, she’s into recycling and she’s very Eco-friendly – generally, she loves nature. Penny admits that she’s an obsessive-compulsive neat freak. She once said that lots of people think otherwise (because of her porn career), but she’s basically a very sensitive person.

Get ready to take a ride in the fast lane with one of porno’s biggest MILF trifectas of fuck-tastic busty awesomeness. The one and only Penny Porsche is a super-buxom blonde cum junky and a ball-milking sensation. When we say this hot mama is a trifecta, we’re talking about her Big 3 natural assets and talents. First, Penny is a big-natural tit-lover’s dripping wet dream come true. Her humongous natural rack measures out to a mind-boggling and cock-aching 38F cup.

Milf Porn Sex

Penny knows how to put her cans of cream to work not just through their big and juicy appearance, but by also getting some serious lactating action out of them. For those who love a bit of milky goodness dripping from a swollen nip, Penny is your gal. Thirdly, when it comes to secreting sex liquids from the body, Penny can also make her juicy cougar snatch erupt like a geyser.

When Penny’s tickled slut instinct kicks in, she’s ready to drench her lucky fuck partners in her body sauce from all holes. Hailing from Ohio, this is one authentic cougar who only started her professional fucking career after she swung around the 40 year-old mark. Her wealth of experience has paid off, and each sex show Penny puts on is brimming with professional enthusiasm and intense vigor, especially when she’s coaxing young dudes to stuff her pussy and asshole with their fresh meat.