Most of us go out of our houses on a daily basis. Either we go to work, go shopping, go out for a drink, to the movies, or we simply want to relax by walking. Beautiful girls are all around us. I guess we would like to fuck them all. The problem is – we don’t know them. I guess that very often all of us feel like approaching to any of these girls and saying: “Hi, my name is John.

Would you be kind enough to suck my cock until I cum all over your face?”, or “Hey there. Would you like to fuck with me and, by the way, would it be a problem if I came inside your pussy?”, or “Wow, you’ve got a great ass? Can I fuck you in your asshole and spill my warm cum all over your tight, perfect ass?”. The problem is, we would probably get pepper-sprayed, or slapped, or even worse.

Girls are not into that Hi-let’s-fuck thing as much as we would like them to be. OK, the laws of probability say that if you ask often enough, you have to score sometimes. I guess that we would get more results if we would put some money on the table. Let’s see what does our “agent” do.

Why not? I can help you become a model…

This guy approaches to lots of girls. He simply believes in the laws of probability. Plus, he has a secret trick up his sleeve. Our “agent” approaches a girl in public (hence – Public Agent), on the street, at the bus station or wherever, and of course, he has his video camera turned on. He starts by giving some compliments to the girl in order to try to relax her. Then he introduces himself as the owner of a modeling agency. His excuse for the fact that the girl hasn’t heard of it is that the agency is still new, and they didn’t want to waste money on advertising.

That’s why he’s searching for models on the street. Then he offers a certain amount of money just for a mini casting. He just needs to see the girl’s body because, can you imagine coincidence, one of his clients needs underwear models. Where? Right there. They will move just far enough to avoid other people (to a nearby bushes, behind a wall, to a restaurant toilet, to a hotel room or whatever is close enough and private enough). Now that the ice is broken and the girl is relaxed enough to take her clothes off, he will offer additional money for “some fun”, as he says.

Some of the girls are shy so they need some persuasion, and some of them have no problems with it whatsoever. By this moment “the gloves are off” and anything will happen. By “anything” I mean hardcore fucking, blowjob, fingering, anal, cowgirl, interracial, creampie, cum on tits, face, ass, pussy, tongue or stomach, doggy style, etc. Of course, everything is shot in POV style.