Shay Fox was born on January 17, 1969 in California. Prior her engagement in the adult entertainment industry, Shay worked as an exotic dancer. She is also a makeup artist and stylist (worked this for thirteen years) and was already known to the public eye as a fitness model. She has been an amateur figure competitor (her alias back then was Rachel Clarke) and had several degrees of standing at National Physique Committee events mostly hosted in California.

Porn career

Shay started her career in 2010 when she was forty-one years old and immediately got all the attention with her muscular body, her large silicone breasts (she is 36DDD), tan skin and her large clitoris. Her slightly masculine face makes her look strict and dominant; she has often been cast as MILF in threesomes, hardcore, mature, group sex and interracial genre.

She had her first anal sex scene in Shay Fox’s First Anal with Keiran Lee in 2014 at Milfs Like It Big site which is a part of Brazzers Network.Shay FoxEven though she joined the industry a bit later and besides the fact that she does not look like a typical porn star, Shay has been doing quite well in the past seven years; her scenes are constantly published on adult websites and her fans devotedly supporting her. Shay runs her own website where she posts her scenes as well as galleries from nude photo shoots and first-hand info about her life.

Personal life

Shay has a “”mound of Venus”” surface piercing, as well as a series of eight dermal anchors along her spine. She also has dermal anchor in left wrist and a piercing in her nose. She has several tattoos including a script tattoo on her left wrist and her trade mark tattoo – the ribbons on her spine (decorated with the dermal anchors). Shay has active Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages with more than two hundred thousand followers combined.

With her famous short black hair, mature good looks, heaving bosom, and deep swollen fuck holes, Shay Fox is one cougar that won’t be caged. She is like a hungry huntress of trouser snake who can summon those serpents just with a flick of her cum-hither finger, or by hiking up her skirt and letting her vajeen waft around the room. She’s got those wide eyes that can spot a boner hiding in some pants from a mile away. Her lips are so thick and luscious, you could fuck them from the side corncob style. Seriously, those lips swell even more when Shay smells some salty jizz in the air, making her mouth look like an engorged sideways vagina.

Huge boobs

Her boobs are so big and firm, they’re like punching bags for swinging dicks. Shay might be a mature lady, but she is still super fit and tight. Shay works out, eats right, and takes care of herself; her exercise is mostly fucking, her diet is mostly pussy juice and man splooge, and when we say she takes care of herself, we mean she gets other people to help give her the ultimate O-face. Shay loves dominating young lesbian wannabe sluts just as much as making dicks disappear in her holes. Shay is also a massive fan of interracial action, and goes gaga over big black dick like it was the rarest and choicest cut of fuck meat.